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Learn Magic Tricks to Earn a Part-Time Income

Magic tricks are a blast to learn and practice just for fun, but have you ever thought of turning your love for magic and illusions into a means to earn a part-time income?  You don't have to be one of the great magicians of the day to make some extra money....Copperfield, Houdini, Derren Brown....they all started somewhere! Besides, magic tricks appeal to variety of age groups and types of people so you can always find a paying audience. Children and adults alike are intrigued with magic shows, from simple street magic tricks to elaborate performances with illusions such as those conducted by Copperfield.
One great benefit of learning magic tricks is you don't have to copy one particular style.  Mix and match the magic tricks you learn to offer variety to your audience. If you plan to use your talents to entertain kids, go for simple magic tricks they can understand.  As for adults, they are usually intrigued by all types of magic.  Just keep your audience in mind when preparing for performances.  Your attire and conduct should reflect the type of audience you'd like to attract.  Will your show be humorous, sarcastic or serious?  Will it be family friendly?
Ideas for Making Money with Magic Tricks
A couple of quick ways to make money are to advertise for birthdays and/or family gatherings.  Promote birthday magic trick shows year round.  Then consider tweaking your promotions when holidays roll around.  July 4th and Memorial Day grill-outs, office parties, Easter and Halloween activities for kids all call for clean, fun entertainment. Even those who are planning to host a bachelor party or a large corporate business convention may welcome your talents.  Magic shows can appeal to a wide range of audiences and events in or near your local area.  Leave business cards at restaurants, local clubs and businesses to get the word out to others.
When just starting out, offer a free demonstration to those who are considering using your services. Provide several tricks as a sample of what you can do.  You might consider volunteer work for fundraising events to make a name for yourself in the community, and pass out flyers or business cards to the attendees.  Volunteer at local children's homes or nursing homes.  These always welcome free entertainment to brighten someone's day!
Order Unique Magic Trick Resources Online
Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned magician, you can easily use online resources to learn new skills.  Books and DVDs about David Blaine magic tricks, Criss Angel magic tricks, street magic tricks, Paul Harris, Derren Brown, Harry Houdini, etc. are readily available on the Web at affordable prices.  These reveal secrets of magic greats and enable you to study their methods.  View material from past programs, read articles about magicians, and use the Internet to research how some of the greats perform their tricks and how their personalities are reflected in their acts.  This will give you an idea of how to appeal to your audience while maintaining all your secrets!
You can also find great props online to use in your act such as crochet balls, sponge balls, brass rings, rings of smoke, magic decks of cards, magic pens, putty, foam products, cylinders, magic knives, mental telepathy cards, etc.  Use unique props to engage your audience with tricks they've probably never seen before. They'll be amazed at what you can do and will recommend you to friends and family.
Make the most of your magic trick hobby with these income ideas.  Whether you want to earn part-time revenue working just a couple of shows a month, or turn your hobby into a full-time endeavor, magic trick resources on the Web will equip you with the knowledge and materials needed for success.
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