Tuesday, 15 November 2011

A Money Making Secret that Emboldens the Common Man

You only get one life and life is a little short to be worrying about the rediculous little bits of paper we value so much yet we virtually live for. Money is a blessing and a curse, but there is a simple answer to the problem. Get your equitable share.
Simply, the only way to really be free from the cursed pull of money is to actually have enough of it that it will never again dictate what you do, where you go, what clothes you wear, what cars you drive, where your children go to school and so on, and on and on. Money is literally a prison guard and a saviour in one single concept. Lets face it, thats all money is, a numerical concept manufactured by men to make bartering simpler.
I dont need to carry my sheep around when I go shopping for a new hat. I can pay with paper IOU's called money. These are as good as the 2 sheep and a hec of alot less messy. Money is civilized.
Money is also very abundant. It permeates our lives like oxygen. VALUE is money. The two cannot be seperated. If it has value then it is worth money. A simple idea? I think it is. I promised you in the title of this article that I will tell you a money making secret that will embolden and empower you. And so I shall.
Here is the first part already revealed. Value is intrinsically connected to the concept of money. (I can't just blurt it out, I am going to make you work a little to get the point across on a deeper level) This doesnt need too much more explanation does it? Its obvious, its just that we dont think about the relationship between money and value very often.
The second part of the secret is much more emancipating and you are about to hear something that will change the way you think about your life, your family, and everything you value! Theres that word again.
Let me ask you a question that I will ask you to ask yourself. Here it is. Where does value reside?
MONEY resides in banks. In the equity in peoples houses and their property. It resides in money markets and computer interfaces that count numbers, it lives in "things" outside ourselves because its numerical in nature.
But where does VALUE reside?
Notice all the places I mentioned where money resides were inaccessable to you? You cannot take anothers possessions. You cannot take anothers house or hack into their bank accounts. Its illegal, unfair and plain wrong. How can you be expected to get your equitable share of money floating around in this world, if you may not lay your hands on it because it is always residing in somebody elses possession? You cant.
You may however work for a pittence at a job and take your hourly wage off the sweat of your back and toil off your brow. That you may do. Seems a little unfair doesnt it?
Its also not just a little mysterious! In fact, how did these people get their money? Its a rude question to ask somebody in polite circles. But nonetheless a very fair question to ponder even if it is a little impetuous.
Well? Have you worked out where VALUE resides? More importantly do you comprehend the first part of the secret? Do you understand that VALUE is more important than money, not only if you want to make a huge fortune quickly and easily. But its obviously more important than money fullstop!
Its value we all trade on a daily basis a billion times a day around the world. Think what you really want? Do you want that shiny new cordless drill? Or do you simply require the 1/19 inch wholes that it cuts in wood? You buy the drill because you need it to cut neat holes in wood. That is the utility of your prchase, not the drill itself. When a woman buys the latest fashionable skirt, she isnt buying the fabric and packaging...she is buying a nite out and wished for lovely evening. Its value we seek at every level.
Heres another word. WORTH. This is so intrinsically connected to money that if money was paint, then "WORTH" would be so intrinsically connected to it that it would be the color the paint is. I made my point and I wont labour it. But notice how closely connected WORTH and VALUE are in terms of meaning?
What has this got to do with making a rapid fortune? EVERYTHING! The reason you cannot touch money is because you are chasing the wrong thing. Money is a symbolic representation of WORTH which is a reflection of value. To be willing to chase money is to chase a meaningless empty hollow numerical value. If you want wealth, you must chase and foster WORTH because its a reflection of VALUE. Thats where millionaires differ from the new apprentices. Apprentices like you.
So, I will ask again. Where does VALUE reside?
The secret? Value resides in you. Its YOUR values that are worth a million dollars. Please think about this. Your future depends on it.
May success find you fast and knowledge find you first.
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