Thursday, 17 November 2011

Why Your Blog Is Not Making Money Yet!

Hello, everybody. You can consider me as another freak telling you how to earn money online. Actually, my aim is not to tell you how you can earn money online but I will just show you ways to make money online. You have earn it yourself. In reality, everybody is not capable of doing all kind of business. Some may be good at selling microwaves but suck at repairing microwaves and vice versa. Both are good and profitable business, but it depends what are you good with? I see lots of sales pitch in the market that say, "I make $1,000 a day and if I can do it anyone can do it." That is actually just a sales pitch, but in reality not everyone is capable of doing everything. One thing I strongly believe is that a strong will power, dedication and hard work can make people achieve whatever they want to.
So, if you are here to earn money online without giving any effort then let me tell you now you will NOT earn money online. There are lots of system that will give you six figures earning just by investing 2 hours a day. Yes, it is very much possible, but not in one day. You have to invest enormous number of work hours to understand/ master the system. After that you can reach your goal where you can earn six-figure just by working two hours from your home office.
Let's look at some automated industries. I have a Steel Re- Rolling factory where we produce steel rods. You know those steel rods that we use in construction of a building. My work shop is pretty much automated. We have to buy ship scraps, which usually take 2-3 days to be delivered in my workshop. After we receive it, we cut them in small diagonal pieces. Then we put it in an automated procedure, where we insert those pieces in stove, after it comes to a melted position it automatically comes out of the stove one by one and goes through a series of roller. After that it automatically comes out to a parking and get cooled down so that it can maintain its shapes. Through this system we produce about 120 tons of rods every day. I have about 50 people to monitor these whole processes.
Now you may say that is a very big procedure and lots of hassle in this kind of workshops. That's why I want to get into online business so that I have a hassle free business. Well, buddy there is no such thing as hassle free business. Business is a very serious thing. If you can do it seriously then jump in, otherwise lots 9-5 jobs are available. Ask Donald Trump, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs whether they have a hassle free business? No, they don't. Only difference between them and us small business owners is that they can manage their hassle in a comfortable manner. They are much more experienced in their field. So at this point they know the business inside out.
Now, comes the fun part. How did I start my workshop? It used to be an empty plain field before I started this workshop. Starting from planning, initiating, getting loan, ordering the machinery, delivery of the machinery, constructions, and finally getting to the first production it took me about seven months and 1.5 million dollars in debt. After starting the operation it took me another 1 year to come to a break-even point where I could easily pay my employees from what I was earning. Two more years to clear all my debts. Now, I earn about $200,000 every month and I still give 3-4 hours every day in this workshop. I am in a position now; where I can go to my workshop 4 days in a month and still get the same outcome. Because I made a system where I can monitor every single procedure of workshop from anywhere I have an internet access. I still go to my workshop because I am workaholic, and I cannot stay home whole day.
If you compare my workshop with an online business there is a huge difference. There will be no/fewer employee to assign; you do not require a huge facility to run an online business; and the best part you don't require a huge capital to start an online business. But you will need enormous work hours to understand the system, you have to master it. You will need to invest your full effort, time, patience and dedication toward this business. Then only you can achieve a six figure income.
In 2008, I also joined the revolutionary IT sector and online business. At the beginning it all seemed a very lucrative offer. Extra six figure earning with only 3-4 hours of work hour on it? Why not? I jumped in. I mean I literally jumped in to this business without having a plan and a proper research. I am from a Business background, and I did not have any idea of creating a website or anything. I invested thousands of dollars in lots of eBooks. Some worked very well for me and some did not worked for me at all. Let me rephrase it again, those system that did not work for me was actually not my cup of tea. I was not having FUN implementing those systems. Fun is a very important aspect while working on something. Some call it passion. If you are working in a system you really don't enjoy working on, you never can succeed. Now I am in position where I am earning six figures from this business per month. Another factor that helped me reach my goal is that I never gave up and stick to my goal. Of course, don't forget those countless sleepless nights.
There are lots of systems swarming around the net about how to earn money online. Let me tell you, most of the system work. Not everything works for everybody. You have to choose among them which one really works for you. There are seven different methods that actually work for me. I have invested a huge amount of time to understand the system got master with these systems. That's why I choose this domain name My lucky 7 methods that helped me to achieve six figure incomes from online business. Again, it takes time, don't be impatience and definitely DON'T GIVE UP.
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