Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Pay to Take Money Making Surveys Sites - Top 3 Advantages They Offer

In the money making surveys industry, many newbies are encouraged to sign up for free membership paid survey websites. The common rationale behind this is the zero loss they will incur when such sites become online paid survey scams. As a result, paid membership legit paid surveys sites have been recently cast in a bad light, being accused of overtly stealing participants hard-earned money by many paid surveys reviews. Is this always the case? Contrary to popular belief, there are additional advantages in which this small fee brings to you as a member of that legit survey site. What are they? This article elaborates the top 3 advantages such sites give to their exclusive members.
1. You are provided with a detailed database of the highest paying research companies - Sick or tired of registering with numerous survey companies only to find that they only give you a set of dead links, surveys which pay peanuts or worse, turn out to be a paid survey online scam? Fret no more with paid membership survey sites! The money paid is used to compensate the time and effort spent by the webmaster researching and compiling all the highest paying research companies - all for you! In short, you pay to get the best of the best, the maximum return of investments for your one-time subscription fee! For instance, SurveyScout boasts of over 400 listings of such companies in their members-only area. Definitely a number that overwhelms the miserly number of surveys you take from free to join paid survey websites - and reward you peanuts for it!
2. All these done instantly - And even updated regularly! Many proponents of free to join paid survey sites say that these database of research companies can be manually registered for free in the Internet, hence why pay to join them in the first place? This statement is very true. However, one must remember that with these high paying companies, there are hundreds or even thousands of mediocre-paying or even online paid survey scams in the web. As a newbie, a thorough, meticulous research can take weeks or even months! This is not excluding the possible loss of money through registeration with online paid survey scams or a low return of investment after days of intensive research. As we all know, time is money. Is doing all these research by yourself a productive use of time and money? Unless you are a college student with superb research skills, I think a small fee to get all these frequently updated links is a better alternative...
3. You can easily recoup the sign-up fee - Or 100% money back guarantee! Since you are given the best paid survey sites, you can easily recover the initial investment you put in in the particular survey site. A legit paid surveys site will gladly refund your subscription fee should you feel anything unsatisfactory about it, with terms and conditions of course. That is the difference between a paid membership legit paid surveys site and a paid membership online survey scam - they will refund your money within a limited time period! Therefore, in reality, you don't have much to lose at all!
These are the top 3 advantages a paid membership legit paid surveys site has to offer that a free to join paid survey site doesn't have. Why not cast aside all negative impressions of such survey sites for once and give it a try? You may actually stand to gain a considerable side income from it.
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